• AuthorRedaktion Pagitsch
  • Published01.08.2018

Benediction Nature Playground

Today our Pagitsch Nature Playground was inaugurated within a small latin mass from Padre Bernhard, uncle of Rupert Pagitsch. The children joined with much pleasure and enthusiasm and flied balloons with there wishes for the new playground.

Padre Bernhard has been a missionary for 40 years in Africa and supported the construction of schools, hospitals and some other non-profit buildings there. We are glad, that he accompanied the inauguration in this beautiful way together with our smallest ones.

Especially for the children these religious rituals are often difficult to understand. Because of the use of available utensils also the children catch the main idea of these sacred accompaniment and support - luck, happiness, protection and preservation of the new rooms.

The ceremony faded out with a nice get-together with a small barbecue for the children.