• AuthorRedaktion Pagitsch
  • Published12.11.2014

Conversion work in Kinderland Pagitsch

Shortly before the beginning of the new kindergarten year in early September, the Kinderland Pagitsch was renovated and rebuilt in a very short time period.
An additional large playroom with toilet and storage room, as well as a wardrobe were created, the kitchen with the dining area was extended and the office of the kindergarten management was relocated. Bright, friendly rooms, colorful interior design, lovely playing areas and cozy quiet retreats characterise the new Kinderland. Due to the constant demand for care centers, the Kinderland Pagitsch was expanded by an additional crawl group and is currently fostering 44 children in four age-appropriate groups.

During the demolition works and various phases of the project, children were allowed to help cope with the new design.