Spende SOS Kinderdorf

Donation to SOS Kinderdorf

Christmas is a time of giving - with the participation in the project "Cooks cook for children of the SOS Kinderdorf" we were able...

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DSC 1670

Company visit Polytechnic School Tamsweg

At the start of the school year a class of the Polytechnic school in Tamsweg took the opportunity to visit the Pagitsch company to...

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Pagitsch Company Hiking Day 2020

"If you don´t hike, you see nothing of the world." - We thought so too and organized a Pagitsch company hiking day on 2nd weekend...

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DSC 1493 KinderlandApp

Own app for the Pagitsch children's...

Innovation and continuous further development have always been the cornerstone of the philosophy of the dry construction and...

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lehrlingstraining pagitsch

Further Training for our trainees

The Pagitsch company offers a wide range of services and thus also a varied range for trainees. We are currently training three...

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sos kinderdorf goldader

Cooks cook for children of the...

As is well knwon, love goes thoruh the stomach. And if you cook with a lot of love, only good things can come out in the end....

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jobboerse fluechtlinge

AMS job exchange for refugees

The job exchange for asylum seekers, initiated by the AMS Salzburg, the Federal Ministry for Digitalization and Business Location...

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golader fuer kinder

A "Goldader" for our children

After the first internal test runs, the gates of the restaurant "Goldader" were officially opened to the children of the...

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englisch nature playground

Benediction Nature Playground

Today our Pagitsch Nature Playground was inaugurated within a small latin mass from Padre Bernhard, uncle of Rupert Pagitsch. The...

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englisch multi

We are multilingual now

From now all international interested people, customers and partners are able to inform about our services and products on our...

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englisch pagitsch facebook

Pagitsch goes Facebook

The social networks are nowadays indispensable for comunication with customers, prospective customers and partners. For this...

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englisch industrial

Industrials floors from Pagitsch

The best of yesterday,today and tomorrow is the basis of our success daily: years of experience, continous commitment and...

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englisch award

Award Healthy Kindergarten

Last week the title "Healthy Kindergarten" was awarded to the Kinderland Pagitsch.The AVOS project aimed to strengthen the health...

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englisch afrika

We support missionaries in Africa

The Mariannhiller missionaries were founded by Abbot Franz Pfanner from Vorarlberg in 1882 in Natal,South Africa. The vocation of...

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englisch crafts prize

2nd Place at the Salzburg Crafts Prize...

Last Saturday the award of the Salzburg Crafts Prize 2015 took place in the great hall of the Mozartheum in Salzburg. The most...

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englisch 20 years

Company anniversary 20 years Pagitsch

With creativity, ambition and the courage to look beyond our own, we have made great progress and shared deep life experiences....

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englisch conversion work

Conversion work in Kinderland Pagitsch

Shortly before the beginning of the new kindergarten year in early September, the Kinderland Pagitsch was renovated and rebuilt in...

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englisch state championship

Third Place at the state championshi

Great succes for the Salzburg stucco plasterers and drywallers. Matthäus Angermann from the teaching company Pagitsch in Tamsweg...

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staatspreis familienfreundlichster Betrieb

State Prize Most Family-Friendly Company...

On September 16th 1010 the State Prize for the most family-friendly company 2010 was awarded in Vienna. The company Pagitsch...

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