Climatic systems


Climate ceiling

Comfortable sorroundings combined with the highest aesthetic standards.

The climate ceiling has established as the ideal system for the air conditioning of rooms. The usually largest active surface that can be occupied, the ceiling, is excellent for cooling. Custom-made products and the use of perforated panels in a wide variety of designs enable a multitude of creative freedom and an optimal combination of aesthetics and acoustics.  

Climate wall

Long-wave and horizontal radiant heat create a pleasant living climate.

An optimal solution for heating and cooling, which enables a selective area expansion in the living zones, for example to counteract cold radiation surfaces or to increase performance. The standard version is available in six different formats.


Climate floor

Symbiosis of ecological heating, comfort and hygiene.

The climatic floor of Pagitsch was developed specially for very small floor structures and impresses with low weight, fast drying and high performance. Quality of living and comfortable living climate starts at the floor.