• AuthorRedaktion Pagitsch
  • Published19.10.2015

2nd Place at the Salzburg Crafts Prize 2015

Last Saturday the award of the Salzburg Crafts Prize 2015 took place in the great hall of the Mozartheum in Salzburg. The most prestigious Salzburger Economic Award was awarded this year for the 25th time for the trade and crafts sector. The spokeman Josef Mikl emphasized that in spite of the great international competition pressure, Salzburgs handcrafts companies performed numerous outstanding achievements and it was no easy task for the jury to choose the best among the many high-quality submissions.

The Steirereck Restaurant in the Viennese City Park was stylishly renovated and modernised last year. The challenge was to carry out the exact planning and the complete implementation within a very short time. In the restaurant of the new building, a cooling-acoustic ceiling was installed, in the converted guest room a curved stucco ceiling with different levels was installed as well as in the entrance area. In the stairwell, the kitchen and WC, we installed varied ceilings in the most diverse execution variants and heights.

In the restaurant on the left and right of the entrace area, a perforated ceiling was installed. The ceiling is made up of individual parts, which are reminiscent in the shape of a cake piece and are inclined downwards and upwards in height.The individual pieces have separate perforation,with different directional sequences. On the edge area the ceiling was rounded off with an indirect lighting, and curtain rails were incorporated too.
The inspection openings have been integrated into the lighting and the motors of the automatic window technology covered in soundproof for noise reduction.

In the end it was the wish of the client to complete the elaborate ceiling construction with groud clouds.
In the rear dining room of the restaurant owned by the Reitbauer family, the challenge was to mount the 26 different levels precisely. For this, about 80 fixed points were defined,which had to be strictly adhered during substructure. More than 1300 variously shaped parts of the ceiling are reminiscent of the waves of a seafloor. In addition, a LED lighting was installed in every second "wave" and acoustic plaster was sprayed.

In addition, an acoustic perforated ceiling was build at different heights with incorporated glass panels in the entrance of the wine cooling area. An oblique ceiling in three-dimensional optics was created in the existing toilet facilities.
In summary, it was a very good opportunity for all the participants of the Pagitsch company to demonstrate knowledge and skills, while at the same time giving special honor to the conversion of the Steirereck restaurant in Viennese City Park.