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  • Published01.12.2016

Industrials floors from Pagitsch

The best of yesterday,today and tomorrow is the basis of our success daily: years of experience, continous

commitment and visionary thinking. Our aim is to provide first-class quality with state of the art technology. Like industrial floors, which are convincing on the whole line: with features such as smooth, durable, robust, washable and dust-resistant. And also the different variants - jointless flooring, with floor heating, broom flooring or high-quality coatings - leave nothing to be desired. From functional warehouses to inviting showrooms, Pagitsch industrial floors are always the right choose.

From planning to installaing

If you have chosen an industrial model from Pagitsch, we take care of everything from the complete planning to the final installation. There are many options for this:

  • Component dimensioning and planning
  • Reinforced: non-reinforced, with schrinkage joints, PP-fiber reinforcement, structural steel lattice and steel bar reinforcement, steel fiber reinforcement
  • Thermal insulation
  • Integrated underfloor heating
  • Linear joints and concrete floors with cut joints
  • Masonry reinforcement or steel reinforcement
  • Plastic fiber reinforcement
  • Steel and plastic reinforced (composite concrete)

Broom finish floor

Rough and non-slip: in order to avoid the risk of slipping for big lorries, forklift trucks or loading machines, harsh burying surfaces are recommended for hauliers, production halls or in front of storage halls.

Low joints floor

The jointless floor requires a high level of knowledge and precise work.

Underfloor heating

Uniform temperatures,low circulation and little dust swirling,no maintenance costs for heating surfaces,highly energy-efficient and suitable heat waste process:underfloor heating systems offer an ideal working environment and are sustainable masters in saving.


The innovative materials allow to realise the perfect flooring renovation almost over the weekend. Starting from a thickness of 10 mm, Rheobond 007 lays a high-strength industrial concrete on hard beton basis-your magnesia, mastic asphalt or hard material flooring. Even larger areas can be renewed quickly and reliably with this innovative material.


  • Monolithic concrete slabs
  • Concrete coatings
  • Surface refinement on silicate basis
  • Concrete repair

Your contact Partner

Mr Johann Mandl
Phone: +43 (0)676 88836 615
E-Mail: industrieboden@pagitsch.at