• AuthorRedaktion Pagitsch
  • Published30.03.2021

Pagitsch Funktionsdecke - the balance of sound, climate and aesthetics

We proudly present ... the Pagitsch Funktionsdecke (functional ceiling)! The balance of sound, climate and aesthetics for a sustainable room atmosphere.

Design, acoustics and sustainability in one? The Pagitsch functional ceiling combines a stylish ambience with a cozy room atmosphere and brings the cooling and heating ceilings to a new level.

In addition to an integrated cooling-heating system, which can be regulated and controlled separately in each room as required, the installation of a functional ceiling guarantees a comfortable feeling of space with excellent acoustic coordination and at the same time sophisticated design. With the symbiosis of air conditioning (cooling and heating), acoustics and aesthetics, the Pagitsch functional ceiling enables a multifunctional system that isn´t only efficient, but also sustainable and energy-saving - a low-energy-system that is produced and individually to the needs of Pagitsch´s customers.

Are you interested in our product and would like to find out more about it? Visit us at www.funktionsdecke.at !