• AuthorRedaktion Pagitsch
  • Published15.03.2016

We support missionaries in Africa

The Mariannhiller missionaries were founded by Abbot Franz Pfanner from Vorarlberg in 1882 in Natal,South Africa. The vocation of the missionaries was to improve the standard of living for the people, in particular by means of schooling and craftsmanship and the creation of vital institutions. These projects could only be implemented through financial support from Europe. Father Bernhard, the uncle of Rupert Pagitsch, has been a missionary in Africa for more than 40 years. The donations are administered in Europe and used locally on site. The responsibility is now largely the responsibility of the African missionaries, but the implementation of many projects, such as the construction of schools, hospitals and other non-profit organisations, is still not possible independently, without financial assistance. Therefore, as a successful company, we have made it our mission to help where support is needed.